Policies and Tidbits

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Thanks for joining Dance Impact Collaborative for our jazz dance technique series!

As our goal is a safe and enjoyable learning experience for everyone, all members of the collaborative are asked to:

  • review and agree to policies at the start of each session and
  • to complete our online waiver once per year.


  • As this is a collaborative, kind and respectful energy is expected between members to support our learning process.
  • We are currently in residence at Starlight Dance Academy in Studio B and agree to respect using the facility by refraining from changing the thermostat. Please close any windows opened during class prior to departure. Starlight requests no food in the dance studio.
  • Class start time is promptly at 7:00 pm.  If you arrive late, please enter class quietly.
  • Dancers are expected to refrain from chewing gum during class.
  • Alert Kim in advance when you will be absent.  Regular attendance is encouraged.
  • Videography may be taken at the end of class to document movement / choreography and will be for collaborative learning purposes.  Links will be sent to collaborative members for review as appropriate.
  • The open studio is scheduled for Tuesday, November 12 at 7:45 pm at Studio B.
  • Collaborative members will be asked to participate in a group text chat for sending reminders.  Collaborative members can optionally download the GroupMe app.

Complete our online waiver here once per year.

Complete our policy agreement form here for the new Fall Session.