kimh_0002I love to dance. I can remember grooving out as a little kid to 70’s music on the shag carpet at my grandma’s house. I loved choreographing in the garage as a pre-teen, taking dance classes at the local studio, being a part of a competition dance team and performing for audiences in college. Dance has always meant joy and freedom to me.

I founded the Nordhoff High School Dance program in 2004, creating three distinct levels of courses, directing and choreographing numerous performances for the Ojai community and creating access for every student who wants to dance.  

Teaching dance to the adults at the Ojai Valley Athletic Club continues to inspire me every Saturday morning. Dance Impact Collaborative allows me to work creatively with adults to teach dance in service of personal well-being, creativity and the meaningful connection to a dance community.   

As of fall, 2019, I am thrilled that my work is “all dance, all the time” with my return to Nordhoff to teach high school students along with teaching adults in Dance Impact Collaborative. I am also a graduate student in the low-residency program in Dance Movement Therapy at Lesley University and excited to see how learning more in the field will impact my work and what I can bring to the Ojai community. In addition, I am grateful for my connections with the Language of Dance community and serve as a co-president for the California Dance Education Association

I am exceptionally interested in the potential to connect high school dance students to dance credential programs of the future with the recent passage of the Theatre and Dance Act (TADA) and the new dance credential. I am eager to support adults of all ages in finding the joy and physical and emotional benefits of movement, no matter their background or life experience.